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Heathkit schematic and manual archive vintage radio info. Pc software, user manual, driver fy8300 user guide. Operation and service manuals for older, obsolete products. Inside the arbitrary waveform generator, there is tightly coupled pattern memory of 4k words. View online or download hp 8614a operating and service manual. View online or download hp 8656b technical data manual, quick reference manual.

This signal generator has two outputs one for dds signal and another for high speed 1,2,4,8mhz square signal which may be used for reliving microcontrollers with wrong fuse settings or for other purposes as well. The eico model 324 signal generator has two tubes and a selenium rectifier. Battery power supply all bpsg signal generators come with internal lipobattery which offers 3 4 hours runtime. This document is the user manual for three models in the sg380 series of rf signal generators. The instrument signal generator, waveform fya2000s. Lan to gpib and usb to gpib, remote bus, and manual usbgpib power meter control sweep modes see frequency. Series mg369xb synthesized signal generators operation. As a standalone unit, rfe6gen can generate cw and sweep signals by selecting. Connect the sg to a standard usb port or 5 volt power source using miniusb cable. Rs232 interface for remote control of instrument all models or for download of.

The sg382, sg384 and sg386 provide front panel outputs of. Marconi diagrams, schematics and service manuals download for free. Mxg xseries signal generators n5183b microwave analog 9 khz to, 20, 31. Specifications apply over a 0 to 55 c range, unless otherwise stated, and apply after a 45 minute warmup time. Amfm signal generators 2030 series operating manual document part no. Rf explorer signal generator user manual firmware v1. Test equipment manuals i have begun to scan and post, in pdf format, some of my collection of manuals for vintage test equipment. This manual describes the installation and operation of tektronix afg3000 series arbitrary function generators along with basic operations and concepts. Sg380 series rf signal generators generator in addition to a signal generator. Manual rf signal generator please read the following manual carefully before using your aaronia rf signal generator. When charging is complete, the chargeled turns green. Rf explorer signal generator user manual page 6 description of main features the rf explorer signal generator is a powerful, wideband fully programmable rf signal generator. Configuring the internal baseband source, including arb, mccw, etc. Connect an external 10mhz reference source to the rear ref sma connector if desired.

These signal generators are often in the form of logic pulse generators that can produce pulses with variable delays and some even offer variable rise and fall times. Signal generator is an electronic equipment that provides standard test signals like sine wave, square wave, triangular wave and etc. In august 2014, agilent technologies former test and measurement business became keysight technologies. This manual may contain attachments and optional equipment that are not available in your area.

Eico model 324 signal generator instruction manual 1. Please note that hewlettpackards former test and measurement, semiconductor products and chemical analysis businesses are now part of agilent technologies. Direction key move the cursor of the focused parameter or select the file locations. The tektronix cfg253 function generator produces sine, square, and sawtooth waves and ttl signals in a frequency. When middle button is pressed signal generating starts. It is also called an oscillator, since it produces periodic signals. This is convenient if you need to change generator frequencies in wide range.

Arbitrary function generators arbitrary waveform generators vector signal generators. May 1971 hp references in this manual this manual may contain references to hp or hewlettpackard. Instructions on how to use and setup up the instrument getting started signal routing and system configuration. As the name suggests, the pulse generator is a form of signal generator that creates pulses. Service guide for instructions on returning the function generator to. The scans are at a fairly high resolution, so the pdf files are rather large. Keysight technologies e8267d psg vector signal generator. Rf signal generator user manual quality rf test equipment. Downloads, supreme instruments manuals, tube data, and. These settings are described in this manual and in the software users guide. Static sensitive components this equipment contains static sensitive components which may be damaged by handling refer to the maintenance manual for handling precautions. Support software to download the instrument information to the eeprom.

Use the signal generator feature of neuroguide to learn about digital signal processing in general as well as various analytical programs including loreta and other inverse solutions. Check back here from time to time, as additional manuals will gradually be added. It is strongly recommended to read the mea manual first, if you utilize the mea signal generator for introducing yourself to the measystem. Dualchannel arbitrary waveform generator user manual. Front panel the front panel of the signal generator has the power onoff switch and 7 leds with the. Jan 01, 2019 remember to subscribe and click the bell icon to get notifications. Hp references in this manual this manual may contain references to hp or hewlettpackard.

As a standalone unit, rfe6gen can generate cw and sweep signals by selecting embedded menu options. It is the perfect companion for spectrum analyzer rf explorer product line. Ms269xa signal analyzer and ms2830a signal analyzer supports a builtin vector signal generator. Wide band support for cw signal, frequency and amplitude sweep, and advanced tracking sna. Throughout this manual, the terms mg369xb, signal generator, and synthesizer will be used interchangeably to refer to the instrument. Hp 8647a and 8648a bcd signal generators technical specifications hp 8647a, 250 khz to 1 ghz hp 8648a, 100 khz to 1 ghz hp 8648b, 9 khz to 2 ghz hp 8648c, 9 khz to 3.

Signal hound vsg25a user manual 2015, signal hound, inc. The last three characters of the model indicate the up limit output of sine wave mhz. Time from receipt of scpi command or trigger signal to within 0. Please consult your local distributor for those items you may require. Please confirm the integrated circuit mounted in correct direction. Operation and service guide hp 8648abcd signal generator serial numbers this manual applies directly to the following hp 8648 modelserial prefix combinations and below. Please note that hewlettpackards former test and measurement, semiconductor products and chemical. Downloads, supreme instruments manuals, tube data, and schematics. This manual applies directly to the following modelserial prefix. A desktop, laptop computer, or smartphone charger will work.

This manual provides the best information we could find. Before switching the instrument on, ensure that no signal voltage is present on the pulse input socket. It is a signal generator adjustable current voltage analog simulator, working voltage. Manual part number e825190353 edition edition 1, december 2015 printed in usamalaysia published by. Koolertron upgraded 15mhz dds signal generator counter,high precision dualchannel arbitrary waveform function generator frequency meter 200msas 15mhz advantage. Rf signal generator tm 115551b download download anurm25c rf signal generator tm 115551c download anurm25d rf signal generator 924a download. Supreme instruments manuals, tube data, and schematics all supreme instruments corp. The waveforms represent the i and q channels of the complex signal to be produced. A 12au7 is used as an audio oscillator or as an amplifier for external modulation. Hp 8656a operating and service manual pdf download. This manual contains important information on how to properly operate this device. High frequency precision up to 106 orders of magnitude. Hp 8648a hp 8648b bp 8648c hp 8648d 3847a 3847u 3847a 3847u 3847a 3847u 3847a 3847u hp part no. No part of this manual may be reproduced in any form or by any means including electronic storage and retrieval or translation into a.

This manual provides user information for the agilent technologies. Ruggedized autoranging dmm schematic, pcb layout and calibration. This allows to set any frequency with relatively few button. The units analyzer mode complies with the cea standard hdr static metadata extensions cea861f and cea861. Important to notice, that there is a separate menu for changing frequency step. Press middle button again to stop signal generator. Supplemental characteristics, denoted as typical, nominal, or. Remember to subscribe and click the bell icon to get notifications. If option 1ep is present and the signal generator is in the encoder mode, the rad dbv. N5161a62a81a 82a83a mxg signal generators service guide notice. The addition of the ms269xa020 or ms2830a020021, vector signal generator option to the ms269xa or ms2830a signal analyzer creates a powerful onebox tester that can be configured to support various communication technologies. Rf signal generator user manual standalone use quick setup. By purchasing this signal generator you acquired a professional rfgenerator, which allows to generate rfmicrowave signals up to 4,4ghz bspg 4 and bpsg.

An optional io expansion board provides an additional 24 output and 24 input lines. To ensure the best results from this product, please read this manual and all other documentation before operating your equipment. Hp 8614a manuals manuals and user guides for hp 8614a. Keysight technologies 1400 fountaingrove parkway santa rosa, ca 95403 warranty the material contained in this document is provided as is. Free marconi diagrams, schematics, service manuals. Duty cycle of each channel can be adjusted separately. Get wavetek pdf manuals including wavetek meters, sensors, oscilloscopes, calibrators, generators. Agilent technologies agilent xseries signal generators n5181b82b mxg n5171b72b exg users guide.

The keysight e8257d is a fullysynthesized signal generator with high output power, low phase noise, and modulation capability. The mea signal generator is a convenient tool for mea users. Koolertron upgraded 15mhz dds signal generator counter,high. Function and arbitraryfunction generators instruction. Throughout this manual, the terms 682xxb 683xxb and signal generator will be used interchangeably to refer to the instruments. Fy6600 series users manual 1 product introduction this manual applies to each model of fy6600 series functionarbitrary waveform signal generator. Only competent personnel, who have been trained, qualified, and approved by potter electric signal company should perform commissioning, servicing, and repair. S18a, s19a, s20a, s21a and s29a signal generators manual 12 mb pdf s18a, s19a, s20a, s21a and s29a signal generators manual 16 mb pdf a better quality version of the above manual. We have 1 hp 8614a manual available for free pdf download. Agilent technologies agilent technologies n5161a62a81a82a 83a mxg signal generators users guide. Signal generator, anurm170 pdf free download service. Assembly and operation manual for heathkit io102 oscilloscope ca 1971 1974 topics. Afg3000 series arbitrary function generators quick start.

Adjustable current voltage analog simulator 020ma signal. Eico model 324 signal generator with experiments as a broadcaster some results. This manual applies to instruments with software issues of 9. The keysight e8267d is a fullysynthesized signal generator with high output power, low phase noise, and iq modulation capability. This document is provided as a courtesy but is no longer kept current and thus will contain historical references to agilent. The signal generator, which produces the periodic signal having a frequency of audio frequency af range is called af signal generator. The charging time for the lipobattery is about 90 minutes. Transition times are typically 35 ps, and both the offset and amplitude of the clock outputs can be adjusted for compliance with pecl, ecl, rsecl, lvds, cml, and nim levels. Koolertron upgraded 15mhz dds signal generator counter. Save button storerecall the userdefined arbitrary waveform data.

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