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Matt groenings the simpsons is the longest running animated series ever, and its comic book counterpart simpsons comics is close to it launched in 1993 following comic serials in magazines. There were 15 seasons of criminal minds, 18 seasons of lassie, and 20 seasons of gunsmoke. Throughout the series, weve seen zombies take on a graveyard, a farmhouse, and even a. Want to know what the longestrunning tv cartoons of all. This is a list of the longest running united states television series, ordered by number of years the show has been aired. If none of these is enough for you, look into the perry rhodan series. Wp the longest running book series in history just got a. A book series is a sequence of books having certain characteristics in common that are formally. With this in mind, i did some research and came up with thirty of the longest fantasy series ever published.

There are 165 manga series from which 92 series are completed and 73 series are in ongoing serialization. As my thoughts were wandering randomly through various things earlier, i started wondering what the longest ongoing light novel series were. Robert parkers spenser series had 40, christies poirot series comes in at 39, and dell. Although its the secondlongestrunning nicktoon behind spongebob in terms of years, this has actually had more seasons than their underwater pal. Long running book series all the tropes wiki fandom. Pollifax series by dorothy gilman 1966 to 2000 14 books. There are fourteen books with more possibly being written, plus the. This white wolf series stretches for 14 books with 6,095 pages. Discovering a new book series is a fantastic feeling. They create epic journeys and worlds that feel almost threedimensional. Personally, i think the longest i ever read was the animorphs series 54 plus 10 companion books. The most inexplicable longest running book series weird worm. Here are the longest series, as determined by the number of.

A list of longest running book series jens thoughts. This is a list of the longest running united states cable television series, ordered by number of broadcast seasons to qualify for this list, the programming must originate in north america and shown nationally in the united states and be firstrun as opposed to a repackaging of previously aired material or material released in other media. The tv series began in 1955 and aired 635 episodes over the span of 20 years. Created by rudolph dirks, it is also the first comic strip ever to tell a story using a series of panels. Octavia butlers patternist series consists of five books published between 1976 and 1984. Redirected from list of longestrunning uk television series this is a list of the longestrunning television programmes in the united kingdom by genre. Dc presented with official title certificate today at san diego comiccon 2018, 80 years after the first issue was released san diego, july 19, 2018 guinness world records, the global authority on recordbreaking.

Without considering length of the book, at a quick check of the series ive read at one time or another, rex stouts nero wolfe series looks like it is at the top with 47 books in the series. Age of ultron, the movies have put a comic book mythology on the screen with largely satisfying results. Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about amazons longest running original. It has been on since november of 1947 71 years70 seasons, and has so far, since it is still on over 3,600 episodes. The 20th book in the series, 20th midnight, is expected to be out, appropriately enough, in the year 2020. Quite simply, last of the summer wine is the longestrunning comedy programme in the world. Only the hospitalbased soap opera general hospital abc, 1963present now the worlds longestrunning daytime soap opera with the demise of as the world turns cbs, 19562010 has been broadcast for a longer period. This is a list of the longestrunning united states television series, ordered by number. Longestrunning tv medical drama guinness world records. Favorite authorsbooksseries longest running series. The 10 longest running horror series and how many movies. Congratulations to action comicsguinness world record holder for the longestrunning superhero comic book series of 80 years. A new novella has been published weekly since 1961, and there are currently over 2700 stories.

Numa series featuring dirk pitt by clive cussler 1973 to present 21 books. Top 10 longest running anime series of all time aired. Broadcast syndication that could have been scheduled by local stations in prime time have been omitted. Greys anatomy longestrunning scripted tv shows of. Gunsmoke tops the list as the longestrunning dramatic series in network television history with 635 episodes. How many books does it take to start and finish a good story. This is a list of manga series by volume count of manga series that span at least 40 tankobon volumes. That would be the katzenjammer kids, which has been running since 1897. They take up entire shelves of book cases all by themselves.

This is a list of the longestrunning scripted prime time television series in the united. I started by trying to think if i could work it out, but the idea fell apart rather quickly as it often isnt obvious whether or not a series has finished. Last of the summer wine is the longestrunning comedy programme in the world. Springfields first family has given rise to numerous comics in their nearly 30 year career on television, but the longest running by far is the selftitled simpsons comics, which has run for 218. It premiered 27 years ago, in 1973, and, after 30 series it is still going strong, with a. Bonanza, the secondlongestrunning western series of all time, is a period drama about a wealthy ranch family living near lake tahoe in the 1860s. In this article, there will be a selection of the longest running anime series that are still ongoing. Here are the longest series, as determined by the number of completed, full books in the series. Agent venoms series is the longestrunning venom title in the characters history 47 issues total. Plus, there is so much more to write about in this world that i doubt we have seen the end of this long running series. Photograph your local culture, help wikipedia and win. To commemorate the success of agent venom, please join me in a retrospective of venom from 201120. It premiered 37 years ago, in 1973, and, after 31 series it finally came to an end last year even though all its original protagonists compo, foggy, even nora batty are now dead. Wp the longest running book series in history just got a 26 picture deal for the adaptation, and cast members are being interviewed about their roles, some of.

Casualty bbc, 1986present is the worlds most enduring primetime medical drama series. The best and most popular mystery books and series vulture. Longest light novel series by volume count with volumes. Longest running western comic book series currently is spawn with over 300 consecutive issues. If you include childrensyoung teen book series, there are some american series that are pretty long. There are some book series that just seem to go on forever. In addition, this list will include the number of episodes, length of the episodes, air dates, and a brief description about the show. List of longestrunning uk television programmes wikipedia. The mystery, crime, and thriller group favorite authors. The series was awarded by the guinness book of records as the longest running tv animated sitcom back in 2016. It was originally founded as a companion series to the husserliana, and its first volume appeared in 1958.

The first book in the series, patternmaster, is in fact the. This list includes only firstrun series originating in north america and available throughout the united states via national broadcast networks, u. Until we researched it, we had no idea it took place on a fictional island, or was written by a preacher, meaning this series is a lot weirder than wed ever thought. While i realize word count would be a more reliable measure of true length, i found it difficult to get what i considered reliable data.

Longestrunning american tv shows of all time insider. It currently holds the record as the longestrunning scripted us primetime tv series, but will soon be surpassed by. Longestrunning superhero comic book series guinness. The 10 longestrunning comics that have never been renumbered. These are some of the largest and longest running series in. This book series was unique for paying living authors of the works published even though protection did not exist. Set in dodge city, kansas, during the 1870s, gunsmoke began as a radio program in 1952, switched to the land of visual entertainment in 1955, and finally ended its 20year run in. If thats still not enough of a challenge for you, theyre also in german. Weve listed tvs longestrunning dramas, ranging from eight to 24 seasons.

Starting book 3 in my own series, my mouth hung open a little as i saw this list and how many books were in each one. Shadow of the bat was fairly unique from the other batman titles in the ranks. While titles like year one would aim to show what was going on when bruce wayne was on his own in his job, shadow of the bat explored the world of the batman universes characters as a whole. Though only six films in the series exist currently, two additional films have been confirmed to further continue george romeros immortal undead classic, night of the living dead. Top 10 longest running anime list best recommendations. Series continuations with name changes andor changes in network are noted. Found some time on my hands after breaking my foot in several places and finding out i wont be able to drive for a while, which turned into a lot of extra time to read and watch old star trek episodes on netflix that second part is. The first book in the series, patternmaster, is in fact the end of the storys internal chronology while the fourth part of the series, wild seed, is the beginning. What is the longestrunning comic strip still in print. The longestrunning network newscast is cbs evening news.

A fans farewell and retrospective to longestrunning. Find below the top 15 longest series by total number of volumes, then by total number of pages. The railway series is, of course, a series of books about thomas the tank engine. The longest book series ive ever read is the rangers apprentice series by john flanagan. These are some of the largest and longest running series in the literary world. Phaenomenologica is the longest running phenomenological book series worldwide. Dc comics just earned a guinness world record for the longestrunning superhero comic book series ever with action comics. List of longestrunning united states television series. Dcs action comics earns guinness world record screen rant. However, the year 2018 marks its 30th season with 649 episodes until december 9, 2018, after it was first aired on december 17, 1989. Able team 53 books, phoenix force 58 books, the stony man series.

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