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Brahma kumaris websites links 2020 divine collection. Sometimes words from the wise, the initiated, can nudge us forward on our path of discovery and healing. Jan 07, 2019 070120 morning murli om shanti bapdada madhuban essence. Shiv himself speaks murli through the mouth of brahma. Aaj ki murli with text 20 november 2019 20112019 daily murli today murli baba mur duration. Avyakt, we thank you for your interest and we look forward to talking with you further about the kabalarian philosophy after you have read your name and birth date report. The brahma kumaris have been publishing inspirational texts and recording meditations for decades. Spiritual knowledge, motivational talk, rajyoga, daily murli in 5 language hindi, english, bengali, nepali, and tamil, soul sustenance and message. Those who wish to participate i n our whatsapp group for daily audio murli, text murli, churning, quiz, experience, etc can click on below links. Hindi by omshanti1 daily murli brahma kumaris hindi today murli 10 may 2020. You can settle all your karmic accounts including diseases very happily by keeping your mind very busy in churning the knowledge by speaking to yourself that it is your last birth and you are going to enter the soul world and then going to rule the new world. You will even get a digital certificate for completing the test 2. In teacher centers authorized to read murlis and students attending the center listen to the murli bk with complete soul and divine attention. Today murli 12 may 2020 daily murli english leave a comment daily gyan murli.

Avyakt murli november 21, 1998 april 12, 2015 daily positive thoughts. For those who want to ake the 7 days course this app walks through day 1 to day 7. Further notes as to how and why these have been summarized can be found here and it is hoped that this. Avyakt murli march 08, 2015 revised from november 12, 1979 at amrit vela, the time of blessings, hear the call pukaar of those who are calling out and uplift upkaar them. The correct answers will be displayed after each question and at the end of the test.

Welcome to god father shiv babas main and allround services audio channel. When you remain stable in the avyakt stage, there will not be any upheaval. Avyakt murli reading club january 2020 schedule and. Within the gathering, especially have an exchange of avyakt experiences. Anmolinvaluable recorded words and voice of beloved avyakt baapdada. Essence of avyakt murlis step by step teachings of rajayoga by sri sri god shiva essence of avyakt murlis. Parampita paramatma supreme dad, the supreme soul shiv ki murli vaani, coordinate educating through prajapita brahma.

Bk daily gyan murli in hindi and english, classes, bk songs, awakening wi. The sakar murli has that famous line destruction is just ahead imprinted in most bk followers minds. Bk murli today 12062019 hindi brahma kumaris murli om shanti. Bks best friend murli, avyakt points, rajyoga course in hindi and english. A mediator carries out and puts the words from brahma baba to us.

Audio recorded by service team of sisters of bkdrluhar. Contact us search website daily murli digital brahmakumaris hamari rajdhani book your home at bk city mobile murli app baba portal contribution link contribution account om shanti store all murlis sakar, avyakt and daily. Murli classes are held daily at all centers at the same time in the morning throughout the world. If you require further assistance, please call our head office in vancouver, canada tollfree at 8664891188 or 6042639551 if outside of north america. Here are the links to some dvd files of the avyakt babdada meeting from the 15th of october 2007 in shantivan.

The website basically is an audio library having classes of self progress team, madhuban and is meant for spiritual progress for regular students of brahma kumaris. Bhog sandesh mohini sis new york ekagrata sparc book. All avyakt murli in one place knowledge is source of income. The website is fully open and no password is required. Never take into your thoughts or let others take into in their thoughts anyones mistakes that you may have heard about. Brahma kumaris officials likes on soundcloud listen to. Avyakt bk murli today avyakt brahma kumaris murli is spoken by bap dada. Avyakt bapdada meeting video and audio files brahma kumaris. Listen audio songs, murli, classes, music while your phone is locked or even while using other apps. The words of supreme wisdom flowing through the mouth of baba who spoke murlis through body medium of dadi gulzar since 1969. The depth of meditation is best experienced in the quietness of a favourite place or a dedicated meditation centre nearby. The part being enacted at the present time is the method to make all of you avyakt very quickly. With that, hindi poems from daily murli and suraj bhais daily purusharth also comes in the app.

Jan 31, 2020 special homework to experience the avyakt stage in this avyakt month. If an option did not show up in the murli it is not the answer, even though it may be technically correct. Avyakt murli reading club january 2020 schedule and whatsapp virtual call details for joint reading showing 14 of 4 messages. Madhuban murli sacred divine teachings of our beloved supreme father manifested through prajapita brahma baba at the brahmakumaris. Classes, rajyoga music, commentaries, sakar and avyakt murli records, bk songs and 7 days raja yoga course.

App also have murli quiz from daily murli of shiv baba. Baba portal daily murli in 25 languages, sakar murli audio, avyakt murlis, etc daily murli chart app self checkings for selftransformation. February 12, 2018 in bk murli today 22018 english brahma kumaris murli om shanti. Jan 18th 2017 avyakt bd notes only om shanti see in this unlimited hall all of u r sitting n listening. The words coming from dadi gulzar are so effective that it shapes our life and thought to a. These are audio murli clips taken of topics that bapdada spoke on. Bk murli today 12 june 2019 hindi hindi murli audio mp3 play click here. Sweet children, together with imbibing this knowledge, and claiming your goldenaged kingdom by accumulate the powers of remembrance and strengthen the purity. These channelled messages are speeches given by avyakt bapdada to the students of the bkwsu at its headquarters in mount abu, rajasthan. Brahma kumaris songs all in one app for android free. Brahma kumaris murli daily gyan murli in hindi and english. This provides murlis 3 days in advance in pdf and audio. It is a direct connect to sould of god from our soul.

Jan 10, 2020 app also have audio playlists of bk songs selected best and classes from dadis, bk suraj, bk shivani, etc. Anmol invaluable recorded words and voice of beloved avyakt baapdada. Introduction summaries brahma kumaris info the truth. Daily murli htm text and mp3 audios in hindi, english, tamil, etc. Audio books brahma kumaris e books pdf versions to view or print for free more resources avyakt bapdada murli. Oct 11, 2015 111015 om shanti avyakt bapdada madhuban 121298 renounce the ego of mine, mine and place your footsteps in the steps of father brahma today, bapdada is seeing his elevated brahmin souls everywhere. Stream tracks and playlists from brahma kumaris official on your desktop or mobile device. This is one app for many services daily murli in hindi, english, tamil, telugu and 15 other languages indian and international languages. Only for brahma kumaris regular students above is a date on your mobile if not correct, please adjust before click it.

Mp3 classes for bk regular students hindi murli quotations 20112015 murli quotations 29102015 avyakt bapdada milan murli 14. This is one site for everything for brahma kumari godly spiritual university students bks, a gift from shiv baba. Avyakt bapdada 21st january 1969 summaries brahma kumaris. Whilst in the corporeal form you have to stabilise yourself in the avyakt stage. Feb 16, 2020 all avyakt murli in one place knowledge is source of income. Special homework to experience the avyakt stage in this avyakt month. The purpose is to increase study of murli inspired by babas words recently that those who love the murli will read it 3 times and by reading the murli 58 times one can even go ahead of their teacher. If there were knowledge in those books, they would have been able to return home. On the other hand, untrained individuals have an almost childish mentality. Its always best to appear for these classes at your local center and gain first hand experience. Prajapita brahma kumaris godly spiritual university presents you bk divine songs shiv. Pdf books, audio books, articles, thought for today, sakaar murli pdf. Today murli 31 january 2020 daily murli english daily. These messages given by god, through brahma baba, are called the sakar murlis.

Shiv baba ke mahavakya shiv baba ke mahavakya menu daily murli seasonal avyakt murlis feedback download android app 218 morning murli om shanti. Sitemap search for anything sitemap has internal links to all the pages that this website has about, rajyoga course, online services, revelations, resources, etc. This is a special gift to our brahman family the original versions spoken in sakar murli through prajapita brahma that we listen daily. Stream swamaan avyakt murli revision 1 02 1971 bk mamta murli 42 by brahma kumaris official from desktop or your mobile device. Jan 14, 2008 here are the links to some dvd files of the avyakt babdada meeting from the 15th of october 2007 in shantivan. Dadi gulzar has been doing this avyakt murli now and then. A mediator conducts and delivers words from brahma baba to us. In app, murli is available to read and to listen in hindi murli, english murli, bengali murli, nepali murli, tamil murli, telugu murli. Sakar murli original recording of shiv babas gyan murli. Bk traffic control app self checking for whole day, your guide for self transformation. Most bks are well trained to assimilate the bad news regarding consequences of our own actions. Prajapita brahma kumaris daily gyan murli of shiv baba. Drill 1 is based on question answer 1 of avyakt murli quiz drill 2 is based on question answer 2 of avyakt murli quiz. Avyakt bapdada meeting video and audio files brahma.

Mar 08, 2015 avyakt murli march 08, 2015 revised from november 12, 1979 at amrit vela, the time of blessings, hear the call pukaar of those who are calling out and uplift upkaar them. Download avyakt murli apk latest version app for pc. Brahma kumaris aaj ki avyakt murli is the series which you receive on peace of mind whats app group along with aaj ka pursharth. Recordings from january 1963 till 18011969 last murli. This website is available for all bk students and enables everyone to search avyakt murlis and sakar murlis for keywords and phrases. In the copper age, the deity souls had written the. Year wise sr year pdf htm 01 1969 02 1970 03 1971 04 1972 05 1973 06 1974 07 1975 08 1976 09 1977 10 1978 11 1979 12 1980.

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