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Head into control panel region and language keyboards change keyboards, then click the add button and pick the dvorak layout or any other random layout you want. How to create a fake bsod and play prank on your friends. Now next time, when he starts his macbook, enjoy his quandary. A mix of computer pranks, gags, funny software, funny images, humor postcards, media humor and other silly stuff.

The 10 most ridiculously awesome geeky computer pranks. Its a far better occasion for playing tricks, because the days are cold and dark, and everyone is thinking. We are the providers of unique software solutions for todays changing market. Whenever my boss walks in the room, i remotely open a gay porn site on a coworkers mac. This prank makes it appear that all of your software on your computer is. Loads of jokes, funny software, funny images, humor postcards, media humor, computer pranks, computer gags and other silly stuff. This article will show how to make a simple, fake computer error message. Make sure you activate full screen to hide the address bar and browser frame. Top 10 harmless computer pranks to make your friends go nuts. A harmless prank that puts your screen into power save mode. Halloween is the holiday for serious troublemakers. Colors change every 10 seconds by default, you can specify the. Fool your friends into thinking their photo is in an online popup advertisement. The handeye coordination test send this to a friend.

Is leg pulling and teasing your part time job in life. You can chop it, cut it, shoot to pieces, repaint or stamp it. This software is great for playing jokes on those unsuspecting users. This little prank makes using your trackpad feel like staying off twitter while youre supposed to be working or climbing everest or something else equally difficult. Researching gay porn sites was tough work, but it pays off at. The 47 best computer pranks ever to play on your friends. Hey guys, today i am gonna be showing you 10 funny computer pranks, and how to do them. Rjlpranks is your source for all computer pranks created by rjl software. Test your skills with regards to pissing in a public bathroom at a urinal. Want prank software that will make your victims computer go haywire.

Back in the day, there used to be trojanlike but benign vnc programs you. Prank your friends by secretly opening this website on their computer while theyre away. Desktop is flipped sideways april fools pranks toms. Rjl software offers a wide range of software and services for the windows environment. By kate gammon 30 march 2011 april fools means mischief. By default clippy displays these messages to the user. Youll probably want to flip over to the language bar tab and set that. How to make a fake computer error message computer. The dropdown menu should default to start a program. Hey readers, here are some fun computer pranks you can try on some of your. With this software you can play with your windows desktop.

How to hack a voicemail account using spoofapp computer. With april fools day on the horizon, its the perfect time to play some epic pranks on your pcusing coworkers, friends, family and frenemies. Have you ever noticed that whenever you setup your voicemail account after getting a new cell phone number, it asks you to create a security pin to access your voicemail from other phone lines. Fool your friends now with these cool computer pranks. This article will help you create your own fake bsod and play a prank on your friends. These message boxes are 100% harmless, and make for funny pranks. I found an internal program in microsoft called net send. There are plenty of techcentric pranks to pull on your coworkers or friends. Or you can put termites on it and after that chase them. Trick your friends with these halloween pc pranks pcworld. Make someone think they are installing pirated software with this prank. The free software listed here is perfect for the most mischievous pranks and computer gags.

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